Age of Empires 4

The Age of Empires series offered by Microsoft goes back to the early 90’s with the first introduction and world wide box office hit together with its expansion game “The Rise of Rome!”

The next game release known to us AOE fans was Age of Empires 2 The Age of Kings and its following expansion pack “The Conquerors” which even though there has been a new addition to the series is still very much played today. You can put this down to its very well designed multiplayer options allowing up to 8 human players compete or play co-operatively.

The next and very graphical in-depth RTS Multiplayer to complement the series was Age Of Empires 3 and its following add on packs – “Asian Dynasties” “The WarChiefs”

Age Of Empires Online

When keen fans of the earlier games heard that there was going to be an age of empires 4 there was quite a lot of excitement and surprise as this was not what the new addition was going to be released as. I mean come on – you have the Movie Scream 1 – 2 – 3 and 4, Scream 4 is not called scream a little bit louder is it?

Anyway those of us known to be partial to a game or two of the previous releases are quite happy to know this new AOE Game as Age of Empires 4 logically as it is the 4th creation and adaption of the series…. But seen as it can only be played online please enjoy this new Epic Introduction to the world of RTS Multiplayer and Social Gaming “Age of Empires Online

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