AOE Online Mission 3 Quick Tips

This age of empires online quest has been named “Shorten The Distance”

It is a very quick mission and takes place inside your kingdoms walls, basically you will be getting your first lesson in operating buildings inside the kingdom – a very important feature to age of empires online.

ageofempirespoints AOE Online Mission 3 Quick TipsUnlock the Store House to Gain 100 experience points and 1 Empire Point you do this at the your Palace building.

The palace is the building in the center and next to the old man with the question mark normally above his head, it holds the AOE Online Tech Tree.

You will have a number of upgrades to select throughout the game and will only become available as you progress further in the game.

Age of Empires Online Mission 3 Tip

You will have two options when you have acquired access to the technology tree just below the wheelbarrow, I would personally select the Paw prints for the hunting dogs upgrade as this helps with the speed of collecting game and fish from afar, the other option speeds up berry collection – berry bushes quite often are very close to the village town hall.

After you have made your choice that is it mission is complete just go and collect your reward from the old man.